This sword was created based on a sword design I had designed a couple years prior to building it. After finding the piece of paper with its basic shape on it, I was inspired to finish it, and the Azural was its end result. I wanted to give it a royal feel to it, either as a decorational weapon or a sword only royalty (or a very decorated knight) would use. To keep the royal feel, I made the designs somewhat ornate, and I gave it a royal blue color scheme, with an amethyst in its hilt, whose purple color also gives it a sense of royalty. Its name was a combination of the name 'Azriel' and the word 'azure', which means blue. As it turns out, the name 'Azrael' (an alternate spelling of Azriel) is often used as the name of the Angel of Death. As the sword was designed as an instrument of death, I found it was a rather fitting name for it. A blue death-bringer, so to speak.