It took me a while to determine whether or not I should put this model in my 3D Models page or on my Video Game Object Collection page... I finally decided that, though its design is entirely based on video game objects, it itself is its own unique design, and as such wouldn't fit in amongst the rest of the Collection.

This shield was created with a rather simple, yet complicated, idea. What would happen if I fused together the best shields I've obtained within video games? Out of the shields I've obtained, I narrowed my list down to the best 5... the Mirror Shield from The Legend of Zelda (LoZ): Link's Awakening, the Mirror Shield from LoZ: Ocarina of Time, the Mirror Shield from LoZ: Windwaker, Protoman's Shield from Mega Man 7, and Fox McCloud's Reflector Shield from the Smash Bros. series. It was designed alongside a whole armor set with the same basic design principle behind it, which can be viewed on my DeviantArt account (link on the main page) under the name 'Ultimate Ashuri Mark II'.

After doing further research (and finding little to no information) on reflectivity in 3D Studio Max, I did some experimentation and figured out how to get a model to reflect only on certain parts based on a map, something I didn't know how to do back when I made the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time. I was able to get away with it then by having a reflective material only applied to the polygons of the mirrored portion of the shield.

The textures are entirely hand-painted, but the reflected scene is not. It's actually a photograph of a creek nearby my home that my cousin took.

Its name was simply a combination of 'Protoman', 'Mirror', and 'Reflection', made in the same manner and style as the design of the shield itself.